What Are The Places To See In Paris?

If you have decided to take a trip to Paris, then you must know as to what to see in Paris. Only if you have some basic knowledge, as what kind of places to see in Paris, you do not have the need to go ask someone about it. Planning has to be done in a way so that you never miss out seeing the attractive spots. Paris is just like a wonderland and is the beautiful city located in France. A journey to France is incomplete without visiting to Paris. Paris is also called as “City Of Love”. This beautiful city has plenty of things to make a tourist drop their jaws. The amazing things to see in Paris can be none other than churches, monuments, massive building etc. There are plenty of places to see in Paris. Let us look about them in detail.

What to see in Paris?

Paris apart from City Of Love is also called as City Of Lights or the City Of Love, Paris is unquestionably one of the unique tourist destinations where history, beauty and art combines as well as offers an astonishing charm. There is so many things to see in Paris but you if are running out of time, then there are five places to see in Paris, which you must never miss out.

things to see in paris

  1. The first is the “Eiffel Tower”. This is the first spot that you must never miss to visit. The Eiffel tower is the ultimate mark of Paris as well as France. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of French Revolution, this Eiffel Tower was built and designed. It gives an surprising sight of the entire city.
  2. Art and culture are the two outstanding things to see in Paris. Louvre museum adds up with the collection of more than 35000 pieces of art and each is a masterpiece. The art works are the mark of the renowned artists of antique or ancient times. Let your senses and eyes vibrate along with the Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Tiziano, Goya, Frangonard among others. There are many unique furniture pieces in this museum. Most of the furnitures are unique and are in the antique fortress, which is of XII century. The building is worth visiting as it is impressive.
  3. Third is the ultimate Notre Dame Cathedral, which is popularly called as Paris cathedral. It is surrounded by Sein River. This is the popular antique gothic cathedrals in France. The well-known author named “Victor Hugo” tells story of Emerald and Quasimodo within this particular amazing church, which ultimately features 3 massive doors at the front.
  4. At Champs-Elysees, largest street of this city, there holds “Arc de Triomphe”. It is loacted at west end. Napoleon Bonaparte built this after achieving the great triumph in Austerlizt battle during the year 1805. It eventually reaches a height of 49 meters and Chalgrin following roman architecture designed this. The monument has beautiful inner walls and provides a phenomenal background if you wish to take click some pictures. These walls have the 558 general names of French Empire.
  5. Montmartre (neighbor of Paris) is a beautiful place that you should never miss to see. It is located at the eighteenth district; it was once a refugee for painters, writers and artists. These days this narrow street holds many shops that starts in early mornings and ends late nights.  It has many terraces, shops home and restaurants of popular Moulin rouge.

The above are some of the most popular places, which you must always see if you even happen to run out of time.

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