What Are The Different Ways To Say Happy Birthday?

It seems that you have been wishing in the same old way to your dear ones on their birthdays. Birthdays come only once in a year and it has to be different. However, there are many common ways to say happy birthday, trying something out of the box, will make your beloved one to have the best birthday ever. Are you wondering how to say happy birthday or how to wish happy birthday in a unique way? Then you have to read this article as it will help you knowing some of the unique ways to say happy birthday.

How to say happy birthday?

We celebrate our own birthdays each year and our loved ones as well. The old-fashioned or typical birthday cards are becoming too common now. With advanced technology in the recent years, the way you say happy birthday to someone has completely changed. You might have seen some easy well wishes at social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. You might have also seen wishes sent by your beloved ones through an email. However, what if even this is not enough? There are times when people wish to take in a more creative idea for wishing their loved ones a nice happy birthday. There are many options available, which are truly very interesting to do. One of the best ways is to send an animated e-card, which says happy birthday. Sending such cards is not only fast and easy but is also completely attractive as well as creative. There is plethora of such websites, which offers the facility, or service of making attractive e-cards. Though there are many such websites, some of the ideal ones are as follows:

  • BlueMountain.com
  • 123greetings.com
  • eGreeting.com
  • evite.com

ways to say happy birthday

BlueMountain is that on incredible website which helps you to make a card in the way you want to. The user interface is completely good and easy. You will find funny animations, music, cute messages etc on this website. The other three websites also help you to create attractive e-cards. If you are more of a humor type, then the website someecards.com is for you. This website consist a plenty of humorous cards. You can sort the cards from their database. In this website, you will have to just search regarding a specific topic and you will have the results instantly in front of you. For instance, if you have decided to choose some funny cards, then this website will help you to customize your card with personal message. As you write your personal message, you can mail it instantly. But, what if you are looking for a much creative way of sending birthday wishes? An ultimate way is to write some personal wishes or message on few baked goods. There is certain shop, which offers to place some birthday greetings through icing on delicious cookies. This is one of those unique styles or different creative way to greet or wish your loved ones. You can even tell the shopkeeper to make a customized cake.

How to wish happy birthday?

Yet another best way for wishing your beloved is by ordering a bottle of champagne along with custom message printed on it, through online. This way, not only your beloved will get a nice champagne bottle but also a nice personal message! For the creatively gifted, you can even print your label and stick it at champagne bottle. You can even replace champagne with a wine bottle. If you are running out of time, then you can stop at a store and buy a big balloon, which says HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Buy this balloon and gift it to your beloved.

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