Top 10 restaurants in London

If you are at London, you will be literally confused as to where should you dinner or lunch. Every restaurant might look good from outside but which serves those delicious dishes to customers? This remains a big question. To clear your confusion, this article lists you top 10 restaurants in London which you can think about having your meals. In fact, these listed are the top London restaurants. One fine choice is to have your food at McDonalds or Subway but they might not be healthy. Nevertheless, if you truly wish to get pleasure from your meals, with good feel, then you need to know about the top restaurants in London. Let us look in detail about these top London restaurants.

1) Hereford Road: It is one of the top London restaurants, which offer better quality food. Until the year 1997, this particular British cuisine was not as famous as it is today. “Tom Pemberton” was the great person who drove this British cuisine into light. It is located at Three Hereford Road. This particular restaurant offers valiant British cooking to its customers. The menu out here gets changed regularly (daily basis). The basic ingredients used here are: calves’ brains and kidneys, British puddings and lamb’s sweetbreads.

2) Hawksmoor 7 Dials: This particular restaurant is there at 11, Langley Road, which is basically at Coventry Garden area. This is truly sensational. Even though this restaurant’s entrance is to some extent hidden, as you enter inside this restaurant, one would get the feel of an old restaurant. The surprising thing is that this restaurant was started only at end of year 2010. Talking about the quality of food offered out here, it is really better when compared to those expensive Mayfair restaurants. If you wish to divide with almost £50 per person, then this restaurant will be the right for you.


top restaurants in london


3) Gordon Ramsay’s – Savoy Grill: This is one of the top restaurants in London that is located at The Strand, which are little steps just away from the Coventry Garden. Savoy Grill has been located in Savoy Hotel that dates back you to 1889. It was freshly restored back again to its previous glory. The menu out here is stimulated by the typical delicious dishes of France and Britain. The meat selection like “Herdwick” cutlets made from mutton and “Roe-deer venison” are just outstanding.

4) Le Gavroche:  This is by Michael Roux Junior and he is the winner of “top table Best Food as well as a possessor or owner of 2 ultimate Michelin stars. This restaurant is located at “heart of Mayfair”.  This restaurant provides you with classic country side atmosphere.

5) Mezzanine Restaurant: It has the ideal as well as modernized European cuisine. It is situated at Southbank. This also overlooks River Thames.

6) Wahaca: This is located at 66, Chandos Place (WC2N 4HG). This is one of the top restaurants in London, which serves incredible Mexican foods.

7) Belgo Central: Chefs out here work so fast and serve you instantly with best foods. Prices are completely reasonable. This place is located at 50, Earlham Street (WC2H 9LJ).

8) Tamarai: This is located at 167, Drury Lane and is one of the ideal places to enliven you. They offer you with best international dishes involving Chinese, oriental, classic, Vietnamese and Malaysian foods.

9) Clos Maggiore: This beautiful restaurant is located at 33, King Street. This will amaze you with its flavors and the atmosphere is just perfect for romance.

10) Wagamama: This restaurant is located at one, Tavistock Street, which gives you a pleasant as well as homely atmosphere. They never take long time to serve you the delicious foods.  

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