Top 10 Most Useful Android Apps

Google play store is pooled with over 7000000 android apps as of today. So finding the most useful android apps out of all these became pretty hard. Some apps are made available free, for some you need to pay little out of your pocket.

Many times you will find an app and download it for its flashy feature. As the time goes on, this apps will get replaced by some other. You won’t even remember the name of the app you have downloaded.  Here I am going to explore you the list of Most Useful Android Apps. Although these are not new, these apps have proven to be useful over the years. Have a look at the list and recommend us if you feel any that is worth to get added in this list.

Skype for android

most useful android apps

When it comes to Video calling first thing that flashes in everyone’s mind will be skype. Yes, you can install skype in your android phone and can stay connected with your friends and family all round the clock. All you require is just an android phone. You can dowload skype at free of cost from the Google play store. To get better access you should oprate this application from 3G connection or Wi-Fi. Main features of skype includes it high quality uninterupted audio and video.


If you haven’t heard of Foursquare, you might have wasted most of your time in check-in and local searching task. This app is great for local searching. It promotes more check-ins. By using this  app, you can get an easy one click check-in results.  It have made a remarkable change in check-in and local searches.

Google Maps Navigation

To use this app your phone should be connected with the Internet. It provides a GPS navigation system. In Google maps yiou can find Voice navigation too. So it will be very useful when you are in drive. It is one of the most useful android apps for all the devices that is running on Android platform. Make a plan to go anywhere but make sure you have Google Maps on your to guide you on the go.

Winamp Android Application

Winamp is one of the most popular media player used in PCs. Now you can use this media player in your android phone too. Managing and synching the playlists and songs with any android platform can be done with just few clicks. It includes wireless syncing, shoutcast, iTunes library import and many more. Download this good android apps at free of cost.

Cam Scanner

To sacn anything you don’t need to run into scanner anymorre. Download and install this app in your android mobile. It will turn your camera into a scanner. You can scan the document from any of the angle you want.Scan, resize and save it as a pdf file. You can also send this file to your email through SMS. One other most important thing about CamScanner is you can even upload the saved pdf into a cloud space.


If you are in a business you must have used DropBox for file sharing. When it comes to file sharing, next to this drop box, you can use Evernote for your business usages. No matter whether it is a big thing or small thing, remember everything in your everyday life with the help of Evernote. You can use this app on your phone, tablet, computer or any device. Only thing is it should run on android platform.


It is one of the good android apps that can be used for the entertainment purposes. This apps helps you enjoy many exclusive features of music.

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