How To Survive A Breakup?

Breaking up with your loved one  is very painful. It’s quite complicated and disturbs your normal activities for sometime or longer. If you don’t find some ways to get over your break up , It may affect your personal and social life gradually. Our modern technologies like Text, facebook and email turns your breakup even harder. So how to survive a breakup in this modern era?. Let’s see some points suggested by experts in this field.

How you are responding to “we need to talk” message?

When you are in the process of getting over a breakup, you should be very careful with your actions. You shouldn’t make yourself get hurt anymore.  Receiving a message ” We need to talk” is the most terrifying sentence. Never ever reply to these kind of messages through texts especially when you want to come out of that relationship. Breaking up through text is the child/ middle school version of proposing the breakup. You don’t do that. Make a call and talk to your partner through the full fledged voice call.

Stop believing that “you both will be together again”?

Getting over someone is not possible unless otherwise you throw them away from your life completely. First stop thinking like you both will join together again. It happened. So it is not wise to hold your relationship with your compulsion. If you have sacrificed anything just because she/ he wanted, it’s time to enjoy those missed things now.

getting over a breakup

If you have missed some outing with your friends, call them and go on with your friends. They will be ready to lend their shoulder.

What you do with your  FB relationship status?
Now you are single.To ensure that you can reveal your relationship status to the world.  Change your relationship status to single, divorced or anything. You can even leave the status unfilled but never keep the status as committed or married anymore. Now you are on the track of getting over someone. So erase your Ex memory completely wherever it is possible. Un-friend your ex from your friend list you don’t need to see their in your news feed.

Throw away all your digital photos taken with your ex

Photos will bring back the old memories. It is good but now you should get over the one who have left you completely. So keeping all the digital photos that represents your joyful moment will do nothing good than hurting you. Don’t bring back the memories where you had a very nice time with your partner.

Recalling those lovely moments will hit you hard. You might have lived with your partner for few months or few years. So definitely you might have went to the places you both never go back again. Erase all those photographs . I don’t recommend backing up those memories to an external hard drive or something to retrieve it back. Just erase them completely so that you won’t check back later.

What you should do with the tagged pictures online?

You have erased all your hard drive pictures. But still you will have those photos uploaded by yourself or your partner in FB profile. Just like on your hard drive you can’t delete that and can’t remove the tags from your friends. So you just change the privacy settings. So people can’t tag you anymore. You can’t delete the albums from your friend’s profile but you can do it for your own uploads. Go on and delete them.

What should you do with emails, long text and chatting history with your ex?

Photos may bring back your memories, your conversation with him/ her will do worse than this. Do an inbox search with your ex-name and delete even a conversation with your friend about your ex. You need to get over him/her soon. Keeping all these in your inbox will be an obstacle. Remove those from your way.

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