How To Get Promoted At Work – Do’S And Don’t Do’s?

It seems that you have been doing the same old job for same pay. It is time for a promotion now. Are you wondering as to how to get a promotion and how to get a raise? Then you need to read this article.

How to get promoted or how to get a promotion?

  1. Stop and then look at your performances or history in this company. Decide as to if you truly want to be in this company for upcoming year or you really want to quit?  Have you really done every possible thing to get promoted? Are others been promoted and not you? These answers will help you to decide initially if you really want to stay with this company or pick a better one.
  2. Write a letter to your superiors including your boss regarding what you truly feel about the company and your position. Never hesitate to do this and never do this during your work time.
  3. Ensure that you know the entire instructions about getting promoted. For instance, there are some country, state and cities where you will have to pass the promotional exams conducted by federal government. It is easy to attend this exam. All it needs is some little preparation and you will be on your way.
  4. You should ask yourself as to why you need a promotion. You need to know as to who was holding the position before and what sort of responsibility you need to take.
  5. It is highly recommended to seek or even check with other positions in other departments. There are chances that you might get promoted if current department doesn’t works for you. However, if you are trying with some other departments, you need to analyze about their duties and requirements.

how to get a promotion

How to get a raise?


  1. Check out as to when the dates are scheduled for raises in your company. Once you know it, you need to perform well and give your best.  Managers are basically given the responsibility of raise budget so he will be the one who picks up the employees who are working hard. Make sure that you make it up to be included in his list.
  2. You need to prove as to how you should bring some value to an organization. The work that you do has to be determined in three different ways:
  • Increasing the clients or orders with work quality
  • Supporting organization to acquire profits
  • Minimizing customer complaints
  • Satisfying the customers
  • Enhancing better quality
  • Reducing expenses
  1. Get to know as to how your bob is truly worth. You need to find a simple salary calculator that can help you to know detailed information about your job. You will have to be little prepared in order to tell your boss regarding this piece of information as to how it matches with your position. Even if your job title and task does not match with each other, you should be ready in explaining your boss about your responsibilities and duties.
  2. You need to show as to how important is your role and the way it has been expanded. Companies will have some standards for payment of each job. If you are someone, who have been paid high, then it is natural that you would have smaller raise. It is easy to acquire more cash if you show your superiors as to how far is your role expanded.
  3. Get along with your manager and work with him. Support him in carrying out some works. Understand that managers discuss raises with Human Resources, boss and compensation committee. They literally require some solid reasons for giving raise that you deserve.


  1. Never negotiate during a raise
  2. Never get emotional while asking for a raise
  3. Never ever do the mistake of begging for your raise
  4. Never drop your personal problems as a reason for a raise. Be completely professional. You will get what you work for


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