How To Do Hypnosis On Someone?

You may have heard of hypnotism. When you hypnotize someone they will turn into a child so they start to behave like a child.  They will assume themselves in a state of child. But still they will know they are being hypnotized sitting in the hypnotists office. When you are hypnotized, you will feel very relaxed.

How to do hypnosis

You can learn hypnotism and hypnotize anyone but you need to follow certain rules prior to that.

  1. Never ever attempt to hypnotize someone who is mentally disturbed or affected with the brain disorders. Don’t attempt to hypnotize anyone with the mental illness.
  2. When you make someone to go into the state of hypnosis do not try to make any changes in their subconscious mind or don’t put forth your suggestions to them.
  3. Unless otherwise you feel confident do not attempt to touch them.
  4. Don’t play a game of going invisible from the eyes of the hypnotized one. Stop making the inductee to eat an onion by thinking its an apple.
  5. Stop playing your trial tricks on your inductee. You can play tricks but for that you need lot of experience and knowledge in hypnotism. In this case I think you won’t require this guide at all.
  6. Every single thing you do, will contribute to hypnosis. Even though your inductee is in a hypnotized state remember he/ she will be aware of the surrounding as well. Don’t show your reactions to their unexpected responses. If you do they will start panicking.
  7. Once everything gets over,  make your inductee feel that he/ she is now completely normal. Make them believe that he/ she came out of that state. spare your time and bring them out of trance.
  8. Don’t rush it up, bring them to the to the normal state through a slow and steady process.
  9. You should not use the hypnosis as a tool for a relaxation, Since it is deeply involve with one’s subconscious mind ,do not use this art as an entertainment tool.

how to do hypnosis

Setting for Hypnosis

Now you know the basic rules that involves with the hypnosis. You can’t perform the hypnosis on the inductee where ever you want. You should do some prior arrangements. Make sure your subject is indeed in a reclined, safe position.  You can make them sit on some beanbags or an arm chair. Subject should trust you or you keep one who is most trusted by the inductee. You can’t make one hypnotized simply. When the inductee doesn’t believe the hypnotizer, performing the hypnosis on them will not be a possible one.

Lastly, ensure you don’t give any unexpected reactions to the subject’s answers. Do not interrupt them at any cost.

Learn Hypnotism

If you hypnotize the subject to solve their pressure or something, you can make them to overcome the trouble by promoting the valuable suggestions. After few seconds they fell into the hypnotized state, if you want to change their behavior on something, confuse them a bit. You can also do some minor things to shock them. But before that learn hypnosis properly. Since they are in a hypnotized state, your suggestions will be taken by their brain directly.

So how to hypnotize ? Look into your subject’s eyes. As I told you before don’t touch them without a proper experience. You can lean bit closer to the subject when you are priming. To be effective, in order to confuse them you can use the mixture of keywords, bad grammar and your healthy suggestions. You shouldn’t attempt to hypnotize someone without knowing how to hypnotise properly.

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