How To Develop An Android App Through Easy steps

If you are very interested in learning the programming languages, android app development is not a big deal for you. In this post I am just going to give you an introduction on how to write android apps.  We are not going to discuss in more technical anyway.

As we all know Smartphones have reached almost all people today. Recent surveys taken in Europe on the smart phones have revealed that nearly 70% of the phones sold in the market were smart phones. This rate is increasing though. When we consider the sales figure android phones have exceeded the sales of iPhones worldwide.

With the ever increasing trend of android phones, total number of newest android apps that are releasing everyday also have increased dramatically. Apart from mobile phones this android operating system is being used in the tablet computers. so the demand for android apps developers have also increased.

how to create android apps

In Google play store currently there are over 500,000 android apps are available to download now. Some apps are free, To download some you need to spend few bucks. Applications ranges from utility apps to  host of games. You can find apps for every task you can imagine.

There are apps that can help you promoting your business development. Some apps let the customers to pick a right product available in the market. It covers wide range of products from mobile phones to mortgages.

So this increasing popularity of android operating system have opened many new business opportunities. But this trend may get wiped off completely with the rise of some other operating systems. For example Microsoft have released its windows 8 operating system such that it provides “mobile kind of look and feel”. Software programs you are going to install in that OS will be called as apps instead of programs.

Where should you start if you want to learn android apps development? 

If you are Geek in programming languages like Java you can get started right now.  Get an Android app development kit. You can learn online on how to write android apps. There are so many free resources available online.

If you don’t have sufficient experience in programming then you need to learn a lot. You need to learn everything from OOPS concepts to Java and other developer tools. Since you are a newbie you will find it harder to become an android app developer. But never give up! Foresee the demand that have been created for android apps developers right now and go ahead.

There are some online android app development tools are available online. Just try it yourself. Once you get succeeded in creating few android apps in the beginning, you will start to feel more satisfying. You will get more knowledge too.

If you want to know how to develop an android app out of your interest, rather than developing the android apps through code as I mentioned before, you can either get started with the online android app applications or readymade android app development software programs. Some software programs are available at free of cost. Some require you make an onetime payment.  In both the cases, you can develop the android apps in just few steps through templates and wizards.  As a flip site you can’t get an outcome as you suppose to get by doing the code part by yourself. You will not have such control over the apps you are creating.

So if you are serious about how to write android apps join in the android application developer forums and learn by yourself.

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