How To Be A Happy Single?

How many of us had excel the art of being a happy single? There are many people who are constantly trying to get the happiness through various external factors. But the thing is, you should seek the fulfillment from within yourself.

In our everyday life we are seeing so many people moving from one relationship to the other and always seek to fill the void from the last to next. To be frank these people can’t fulfill the void until they realize how to become happy by themselves.

Depending on other one for your happiness is not going to work out anyway. So if you blame your boy friend or girl friend is not keeping you happy, it’s the time to learn ” how to be happy alone”. Once you excel the art of being a happy single, you can have a happy healthy relationship with anyone. It is not going to be a tough task anymore.

Being a happy single is a possible one. I tell you how. If you can overcome certain emotional wounds then being a single will not bother you much. When you are a single, remember you are free from commitments. You can live life in the way you want. Being a single will hurt only the people who have emotional dependency.

Although dependency in the relationship is a common one you should overcome this feel before it grows bigger and bigger.

What Are You Seeking Through Your Relationship?

One of the main reason, why people find it harder to ignore a relationship is ” They find it hard to fulfill some of the emotional needs without a relationship”. If you are the one who have this same philosophy in your life, probably it’s the time to reanalyze it. Find an answer to the question how to be happy single by yourself by asking the following questions.

  • Am I indulge into sadness and just trying to find a quick solution that can make me feel better?
  • Do I have the low self esteem and whether I try to make myself stronger by finding some sources for encouragement  and  love?
  • Do I get bored of being lonely and am I want to be in a relationship just to make life interesting ?
  • Why I want to jump into a relationship to overcome the emotional problems rather than fixing it myself

how to be happy single

Love Is An Addictive One

Some of you may already have guessed this point, People who can’t feel happy by being alone, rush into get a relationship and want to use it as a pain killer. Obviously it can’t be even a quick fix to your problem. You can’t feel confident or you can’t boost your self esteem through external forces. Problems will not be solved until you try to fix it by yourself.

Going through a break up is a difficult task, I don’t refuse. But from psychosocial point of view it is the state of being addict to someone. Ask yourself why you need your boy friend or girl friend the most. Once you find the root cause try to overcome the reason for your addiction.

If the reason for your addition is low self esteem or loneliness then being in a relationship will not fix your problem. It will make the situation go worse right after your break up. People are subject to change. So no one can give a guarantee to any relationship.

So if you want to find a quick and permanent solution to your question ”how to be a happy single” find the root cause. Fix the reason for addiction. Feel confident by yourself. You will become a happy single.

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