Get Ready To Try Out The Newest Android Apps

There is a big boom in the android market. So many new apps for android are getting released on every single day. Here is list of newest android apps which comprises of everything from games to social aps. Although you can’t download all these at free of cost, you can find certain totally free android apps.

No 1. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

You have your very important office or personal file in your computer and forgot to take a copy with you. On the go you are remembering you need that file right away.What will you do? Splashtop Remote Desktop HD can resolve this issue for you. It brings your home computer to your android mobile device. You can get any file from outlook to Word through this app. This app also facilitate you to play the games like Cafe World, CityVille, Mafia Wars and Pet Society.  To enable this app on your android mobile you need to install SplashTop Streamer on your home computer.

2. Snapchat

This apps is being better alternative for the silicon valley. It lets the users share pictures, messages and videos with their friends. One of the cool thing about snapchat is ” whatever you send will appear only for few determined seconds “. After that it will get disappear. It is an ideal way to share any moment with your friends and family.

3. Photoshop Touch for Phone

It is one of the newest android apps that helps you transform your pictures into full featured Photoshop packed  application. With the help of this app you can easily combine layers, add effects & share it on your friends on facebook or twitter. If you want to have some fun with photos, you should never miss this app.

list of android apps

4. Dubbler

Your must have list of android apps should include Dubbler from now on. Through this app you can share your personality with any social network. It comes with the images and filters. You can add these to your recordings.

5. MessageMe

It is yet another texting app. Apart from text sharing you can share images, audio ,video ,video recordings and the more. This app have a very cool “Doodles feature” which allows you share sketches with your friends. Just take a random photo, draw something funny on them. Have fun!

6. Flow Free

New apps for android includes most addictive Flow Free puzzle game. This addictive game have the ability to distract you for several hours. You will not stop playing until your little brain feels like exploding. This game have 100’s of levels.  In this game in order keep the flow, the player should join the matching colors with the pipe. When you connect the pipe such that it overlaps with each other your game ends.

7. Cut the Rope

It is one of the newest android apps in the market now.  In this game the player should feed candies to a monster named “On Nom”. It is cute green monster who collect stars. You can see the candy hung on the wall. What you should do is ” just cut the rope correctly so that it can go straight into Nom’s mouth”.  You can cut the rope by swiping with your finger. Cut the rope is indeed addictive and fun.

8. Bad Piggies

If you want to kill your time, give a try to Bad Piggies. It’s a green pig which builds different kinds of vehicles and using which it steals the birds eggs.

List of android apps described in the post can be downloaded from the Google play store.

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