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Cool New Electronic Gadget Gifts For Men

Buying gifts for women is quite easy when compare to buying gifts for men. Any how we all know that men are fond of gadgets. If you look at the list of Cool gift ideas for men, Gadget gifts for men have got the first place.

In gadget gifts cell phones are ranked number 1. If you surveyed men, asking ” What would you love to have when you are abandoned in any Island, whether their girl friend, wife, finance or cell phones?”. Surprisingly 705 of the men were voted their cell phones.

You can get electronic gadgets for men. But most of them are expensive. So what would you do to gift for valentine day, birthday or X-mas? Don’t worry. Men love every kind of gadgets. All men are really boys at their heart. They play with their gifts and tell their friends regarding the toys. Men would not mind how much you spend on their gifts. For them Gift is a Gift. No matter how luxurious or cheap it may be.

Given below is a list of really cool electronic gadgets for men you can buy in 2013.

Cell Phone

In every guys list mobile phones / cell phones are listed number one. If your lovable men is an iPhone user, he must have own his iPhone 5. But what about iPhone 5S? Recent reports taken from US men have revealed that most of iPhone sales emerging from the existing users of iPhone who want to upgrade their iPhone. So if your guy is waiting for the release of iPhone 5S surprise him on his birthday with the iPhone 5S pre order.

When your guy is an android user, your task of finding an opt gift become a really simple one.  Now the market is pooled with many cool tech gadgets. You can choose best one for him. Even though Apple maintains its lead in the cell phone market, new Android phones like Galaxy S4 had hit the market globally.

Cell Phone Accessories

Apart from cell phones you can consider buying the cell phone accessories to men. You can get them the things like car charger, windshield car mount holder, wireless head sets, cell phone case. Definitely cell phone accessories for men will serve as a cool new gadget for men in this Christmas.

Wireless Headphones

It’s one of the great gift ideas for men. With wireless headsets anyone can turn their TV into a home theater like effort. Having this cool gadget men can watch their favorite sports and movies as loud as they can without disturbing their children/ girl friend / wife. It serves great for hearing the music from their cell phones  or PC too.

Floating Globes

It’s one of the most popular cool gadget gifts for men. It serves great for his office or home. This amazing cool new gadget will provide several hours of amusement to men. Your guy can easily observe the whole earth without the need to fly into the moon. Its indeed a floating globe, what makes it float on the free space is still matters.  So how this globe floats in space same as our planet? Simple science, electromagnetic field makes the globe float in the air same as our planet.

Magic Wand Portable Scanner

electronic gadgets for men

Since its been one of the most popular electronic gadgets for men, chances are, you have already heard of this magic wand scanner. This portable scanner can scan any picture, document , books or magazine in color.

Buy these new cool gadgets for your guy on his birthday or Father’s day or for this X-MAS. Make the occasion memorable one!