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What Are The Top 10 Dating Sites?

Though there is a plethora of best free online dating sites, it will literally overwhelm you and make you think for a while. Most of the dating websites will be specifically, built for money and they will not even have much security. You need to be cautious of such websites. Using the top dating websites will help you to be safe and is one of the ideal solution. It is always better to check about the online dating site well in advance and check if it satisfies all you requirements. Go through the testimonials, ratings as well as reviews of the website to know if it is really of good worth. This article will help you in knowing about the top 10 dating sites, which can ultimately help you look for the perfect match.

top 10 dating sites

Top 10 dating sites

  1. This is one of the best free online dating sites that helps an individual in finding your ideal match. It is the most well liked free dating website available in online. This website also provides you various tools, which can help in determining the compatibility with other registered users. It also has some distinct and helpful features.
  2. Just like the above website, this is one of the top dating websites, which literally uses the compatibility system. This system helps an individual to find the compatible matches amongst the registered users. These types of matches are entirely based upon the type of information that people drop in their created profiles. At present, this website has millions of people registered and this website is the most admired free dating websites.
  3. This website is also the most “in style” free dating websites available in online. It has more than fifteen million registered users. This website uses an exclusive compatibility system that helps in determining your perfect matches. It looks for relationships, which you are seeking.
  4. This website is perfect for an individual who is looking for someone who shares identical sexual preferences. It has various tools through which one can interact with each other. It has profile sharing, webcam chats, etc.
  5. This website is there in the internet world for quite a lengthy time. It guarantees people in providing their ultimate compatible matches. This website also provides simple or trouble-free accessibility. It also offers many features, which one can take benefit of, if you decide in becoming its member.
  6. Most of the users commend this website for continuous enhancement in offering perfect matches. They are completely successful in doing so. The website offers features, which other online dating websites do not.
  7. This website has easy method to register and this is the reason why millions of users feel it completely easy to join in. People can easily view profiles. The website is completely eased to use and has a range of tools for finding perfect match.
  8. This online dating website targets on people who are in relationship, but still seek another one. The website has many registered users. Their feature lets the users to view member’s photos as well as profiles.
  9. This website provides free trial version for people who are attracted trying out their tools. This website has easy navigations.
  10. This website offers the members with plenty of features, which they might use it for finding their ideal match. People for its advice part admire this website. This part offers the people with multiple effective dating tips.

What Are The Different Ways To Say Happy Birthday?

It seems that you have been wishing in the same old way to your dear ones on their birthdays. Birthdays come only once in a year and it has to be different. However, there are many common ways to say happy birthday, trying something out of the box, will make your beloved one to have the best birthday ever. Are you wondering how to say happy birthday or how to wish happy birthday in a unique way? Then you have to read this article as it will help you knowing some of the unique ways to say happy birthday.

How to say happy birthday?

We celebrate our own birthdays each year and our loved ones as well. The old-fashioned or typical birthday cards are becoming too common now. With advanced technology in the recent years, the way you say happy birthday to someone has completely changed. You might have seen some easy well wishes at social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. You might have also seen wishes sent by your beloved ones through an email. However, what if even this is not enough? There are times when people wish to take in a more creative idea for wishing their loved ones a nice happy birthday. There are many options available, which are truly very interesting to do. One of the best ways is to send an animated e-card, which says happy birthday. Sending such cards is not only fast and easy but is also completely attractive as well as creative. There is plethora of such websites, which offers the facility, or service of making attractive e-cards. Though there are many such websites, some of the ideal ones are as follows:


ways to say happy birthday

BlueMountain is that on incredible website which helps you to make a card in the way you want to. The user interface is completely good and easy. You will find funny animations, music, cute messages etc on this website. The other three websites also help you to create attractive e-cards. If you are more of a humor type, then the website is for you. This website consist a plenty of humorous cards. You can sort the cards from their database. In this website, you will have to just search regarding a specific topic and you will have the results instantly in front of you. For instance, if you have decided to choose some funny cards, then this website will help you to customize your card with personal message. As you write your personal message, you can mail it instantly. But, what if you are looking for a much creative way of sending birthday wishes? An ultimate way is to write some personal wishes or message on few baked goods. There is certain shop, which offers to place some birthday greetings through icing on delicious cookies. This is one of those unique styles or different creative way to greet or wish your loved ones. You can even tell the shopkeeper to make a customized cake.

How to wish happy birthday?

Yet another best way for wishing your beloved is by ordering a bottle of champagne along with custom message printed on it, through online. This way, not only your beloved will get a nice champagne bottle but also a nice personal message! For the creatively gifted, you can even print your label and stick it at champagne bottle. You can even replace champagne with a wine bottle. If you are running out of time, then you can stop at a store and buy a big balloon, which says HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Buy this balloon and gift it to your beloved.

How To Survive A Breakup?

Breaking up with your loved one  is very painful. It’s quite complicated and disturbs your normal activities for sometime or longer. If you don’t find some ways to get over your break up , It may affect your personal and social life gradually. Our modern technologies like Text, facebook and email turns your breakup even harder. So how to survive a breakup in this modern era?. Let’s see some points suggested by experts in this field.

How you are responding to “we need to talk” message?

When you are in the process of getting over a breakup, you should be very careful with your actions. You shouldn’t make yourself get hurt anymore.  Receiving a message ” We need to talk” is the most terrifying sentence. Never ever reply to these kind of messages through texts especially when you want to come out of that relationship. Breaking up through text is the child/ middle school version of proposing the breakup. You don’t do that. Make a call and talk to your partner through the full fledged voice call.

Stop believing that “you both will be together again”?

Getting over someone is not possible unless otherwise you throw them away from your life completely. First stop thinking like you both will join together again. It happened. So it is not wise to hold your relationship with your compulsion. If you have sacrificed anything just because she/ he wanted, it’s time to enjoy those missed things now.

getting over a breakup

If you have missed some outing with your friends, call them and go on with your friends. They will be ready to lend their shoulder.

What you do with your  FB relationship status?
Now you are single.To ensure that you can reveal your relationship status to the world.  Change your relationship status to single, divorced or anything. You can even leave the status unfilled but never keep the status as committed or married anymore. Now you are on the track of getting over someone. So erase your Ex memory completely wherever it is possible. Un-friend your ex from your friend list you don’t need to see their in your news feed.

Throw away all your digital photos taken with your ex

Photos will bring back the old memories. It is good but now you should get over the one who have left you completely. So keeping all the digital photos that represents your joyful moment will do nothing good than hurting you. Don’t bring back the memories where you had a very nice time with your partner.

Recalling those lovely moments will hit you hard. You might have lived with your partner for few months or few years. So definitely you might have went to the places you both never go back again. Erase all those photographs . I don’t recommend backing up those memories to an external hard drive or something to retrieve it back. Just erase them completely so that you won’t check back later.

What you should do with the tagged pictures online?

You have erased all your hard drive pictures. But still you will have those photos uploaded by yourself or your partner in FB profile. Just like on your hard drive you can’t delete that and can’t remove the tags from your friends. So you just change the privacy settings. So people can’t tag you anymore. You can’t delete the albums from your friend’s profile but you can do it for your own uploads. Go on and delete them.

What should you do with emails, long text and chatting history with your ex?

Photos may bring back your memories, your conversation with him/ her will do worse than this. Do an inbox search with your ex-name and delete even a conversation with your friend about your ex. You need to get over him/her soon. Keeping all these in your inbox will be an obstacle. Remove those from your way.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Couples used to break up for the reasons like incompatibility, disrespect, infidelity, nagging, physical or mental problems, sex etc. No external forces can make them together again but these people are the responsible ones who can sort out these problems among themselves. Anyhow if you are the reason for break up still you can do something that can mend your relationship.

Given below are some of the several factors that can be considered to fix a broken relationship.

Fix the root cause

Before asking the question how to fix a broken relationship, first and foremost thing you need to do is finding the reason for your broken relationship. Once you find out the root cause, next step is searching the ways to fix it.  Whatever may be the reason show your willingness to fix the problem.

You can show your partner that you have realized your mistake through your words or actions. Anyone can have a healthy relationship. Key is you should happily adjust or sacrifice the things for your loveable partner if it requires. Stop asking how to fix a relationship and start to show in action.


what makes a good relationship


One of the most common obstacle that can destroy your relationship completely is of course ‘the pride”. When you commit a mistake you should leave all your pride and ego. Your ego can separate the people far away from yourself. So many people are thinking like “when we run into other one and apologize for our mistake, we will lose our pride “. But it’s not the case. When you be humble by leaving your pride everyone will start to love you. To be frank, there are no secrets or formulae to overcome your pride. Just feel sorry for your mistakes and admit it.

Forgive and forget

If you ever betrayed your partner you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for forgiveness. If he/ she commit a mistake and seeks your forgiveness you should forgive them. In fact it is one of the major decision that you need to take carefully since it decides whether the person should stay or leave from your life. Reason can be anything. If you love your partner truly, you can consider to forgive them.

Wrong voices

What makes a good relation? Is that love and care? Yes, if you truly trust your lovable one you always stay away from the wrong voices. Trust them completely.

Commit to change

When you commit a mistake and your loved partner forgive you, make sure you change yourself. You shouldn’t commit that mistake again. You should follow your promises, no matter of what you told. You should gain your trust again through your actions.

For example if you broke up with your partner, just because of your financial problems, you should consider minimizing your spending or you should do something to get an extra income. Showing your partner that you are applying the changes to fix your mistake can help you in saving your relationship.

Spend more time together

There are many ways to fix a broken relationship but nothing can work better than spending time together. If your break up is due to the issues like dissatisfaction in sex, lack of fulfilling each other needs or lack of attention or any other related issues then spend some of your time with your partner no matter how busy you are. If you really love your partner more than anything then changing yourself a bit or completely can make wonders in your relationship. Try to spend more time with your lovable one and get closer again. No one in the world wants to live alone. Everyone should enjoy the warmth of love and care.

How To Have A Healthy Relationship?

Without any doubt all of us want to have a healthy relationship.  If you want to be successful in a relationship,  you can’t compromise your compatibility and chemistry with the other one. Being in a relationship by forcing the other can’t last long. You can’t expect to enjoy good things from it.

When a relationship is new, you will find happiness due to the infatuation. As the time flies, your compatibility with the other may lead your relationship into a mature love. But you should be really careful to not to let the excitement get faded away.

Advantage of having a healthy relationship is, your relationship will stay fresh and most exciting even after years.

How to have a healthy relationship

To find out this factor you don’t need to learn the rocket science. Just show your love without any expectation to your partner. This selfless love will  keep your love alive all the time.

Invent  New Ways & Make Your Partner Happy

Being in a healthy relationship is a fascinating thing.  If you truly want to have such a relationship then you should be prepared to do anything. Even though you spent like hours or days and your money it won’t seem frustrating at all. You can make your partner feel happy by giving pleasant surprises.

You can present gifts for them on unexpected occasions. You can make them to feel special through surprise parties. As with the job, your relationship should grow exponentially in every single day. You should initiate and promote the changes in your relationship. Sitting with the thought of time will change everything will not work out for you.

how to have a healthy relationship

To make moments memorable one, you don’t need to go for a romantic vacation. Even watching a movie in your home on the couch or just a casual walk with your partner can make it happen.

Try to have a pleasant and happy outlook. Be cheerful and make yourself as a lovable one.

Stop Pointing Fingers

True happy couple will not point fingers against each other. They will stand aside and wont accused of each other.  Life is not always paved with roses. Sometimes you need to overcome the thrones too. Mistakes happen with anyone. You need to just understand ” The person is more important than those mistakes”.  Laugh when you experience happiness and hold hands with each other at times of misery.

When things get tougher you need to support each other. Overcome the hard times through your love and commitment. Having a healthy relationship is all about lending the shoulder to your loved one instead of asking a single question or quoting ” I told you so”.

Trust your partner

How much you trust your partner?. Trust is the basis of love. If you don’t trust , ask yourself what is a healthy relationship then.  Trusting blindly may not make sense but unless otherwise you find some reason to doubt your partner, trust them completely.

If you are in a healthy relationship, couples should trust each other in decision making and love. Love and trust should flow in both the ways. When you trust and love your soul mate they will love you back lot more. By being over possessed, some people accuses their partner for even taking the second glance at  some stranger. Stop acting like a crazy doubter.

Trusting your partner whole heartedly will make them stay loyal for now and ever. You can’t do any worse more than doubting your partner based on the rumors. Never ever doubt your innocent partner without a valid proof.

How To Be A Happy Single?

How many of us had excel the art of being a happy single? There are many people who are constantly trying to get the happiness through various external factors. But the thing is, you should seek the fulfillment from within yourself.

In our everyday life we are seeing so many people moving from one relationship to the other and always seek to fill the void from the last to next. To be frank these people can’t fulfill the void until they realize how to become happy by themselves.

Depending on other one for your happiness is not going to work out anyway. So if you blame your boy friend or girl friend is not keeping you happy, it’s the time to learn ” how to be happy alone”. Once you excel the art of being a happy single, you can have a happy healthy relationship with anyone. It is not going to be a tough task anymore.

Being a happy single is a possible one. I tell you how. If you can overcome certain emotional wounds then being a single will not bother you much. When you are a single, remember you are free from commitments. You can live life in the way you want. Being a single will hurt only the people who have emotional dependency.

Although dependency in the relationship is a common one you should overcome this feel before it grows bigger and bigger.

What Are You Seeking Through Your Relationship?

One of the main reason, why people find it harder to ignore a relationship is ” They find it hard to fulfill some of the emotional needs without a relationship”. If you are the one who have this same philosophy in your life, probably it’s the time to reanalyze it. Find an answer to the question how to be happy single by yourself by asking the following questions.

  • Am I indulge into sadness and just trying to find a quick solution that can make me feel better?
  • Do I have the low self esteem and whether I try to make myself stronger by finding some sources for encouragement  and  love?
  • Do I get bored of being lonely and am I want to be in a relationship just to make life interesting ?
  • Why I want to jump into a relationship to overcome the emotional problems rather than fixing it myself

how to be happy single

Love Is An Addictive One

Some of you may already have guessed this point, People who can’t feel happy by being alone, rush into get a relationship and want to use it as a pain killer. Obviously it can’t be even a quick fix to your problem. You can’t feel confident or you can’t boost your self esteem through external forces. Problems will not be solved until you try to fix it by yourself.

Going through a break up is a difficult task, I don’t refuse. But from psychosocial point of view it is the state of being addict to someone. Ask yourself why you need your boy friend or girl friend the most. Once you find the root cause try to overcome the reason for your addiction.

If the reason for your addition is low self esteem or loneliness then being in a relationship will not fix your problem. It will make the situation go worse right after your break up. People are subject to change. So no one can give a guarantee to any relationship.

So if you want to find a quick and permanent solution to your question ”how to be a happy single” find the root cause. Fix the reason for addiction. Feel confident by yourself. You will become a happy single.