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Cool New Electronic Gadget Gifts For Men

Buying gifts for women is quite easy when compare to buying gifts for men. Any how we all know that men are fond of gadgets. If you look at the list of Cool gift ideas for men, Gadget gifts for men have got the first place.

In gadget gifts cell phones are ranked number 1. If you surveyed men, asking ” What would you love to have when you are abandoned in any Island, whether their girl friend, wife, finance or cell phones?”. Surprisingly 705 of the men were voted their cell phones.

You can get electronic gadgets for men. But most of them are expensive. So what would you do to gift for valentine day, birthday or X-mas? Don’t worry. Men love every kind of gadgets. All men are really boys at their heart. They play with their gifts and tell their friends regarding the toys. Men would not mind how much you spend on their gifts. For them Gift is a Gift. No matter how luxurious or cheap it may be.

Given below is a list of really cool electronic gadgets for men you can buy in 2013.

Cell Phone

In every guys list mobile phones / cell phones are listed number one. If your lovable men is an iPhone user, he must have own his iPhone 5. But what about iPhone 5S? Recent reports taken from US men have revealed that most of iPhone sales emerging from the existing users of iPhone who want to upgrade their iPhone. So if your guy is waiting for the release of iPhone 5S surprise him on his birthday with the iPhone 5S pre order.

When your guy is an android user, your task of finding an opt gift become a really simple one.  Now the market is pooled with many cool tech gadgets. You can choose best one for him. Even though Apple maintains its lead in the cell phone market, new Android phones like Galaxy S4 had hit the market globally.

Cell Phone Accessories

Apart from cell phones you can consider buying the cell phone accessories to men. You can get them the things like car charger, windshield car mount holder, wireless head sets, cell phone case. Definitely cell phone accessories for men will serve as a cool new gadget for men in this Christmas.

Wireless Headphones

It’s one of the great gift ideas for men. With wireless headsets anyone can turn their TV into a home theater like effort. Having this cool gadget men can watch their favorite sports and movies as loud as they can without disturbing their children/ girl friend / wife. It serves great for hearing the music from their cell phones  or PC too.

Floating Globes

It’s one of the most popular cool gadget gifts for men. It serves great for his office or home. This amazing cool new gadget will provide several hours of amusement to men. Your guy can easily observe the whole earth without the need to fly into the moon. Its indeed a floating globe, what makes it float on the free space is still matters.  So how this globe floats in space same as our planet? Simple science, electromagnetic field makes the globe float in the air same as our planet.

Magic Wand Portable Scanner

electronic gadgets for men

Since its been one of the most popular electronic gadgets for men, chances are, you have already heard of this magic wand scanner. This portable scanner can scan any picture, document , books or magazine in color.

Buy these new cool gadgets for your guy on his birthday or Father’s day or for this X-MAS. Make the occasion memorable one!

6 Cool Electronic Gadgets To Buy Now

If you are looking for cool gadgets to buy but don’t have an idea on what to buy, you have arrived at a right post now. You are not going to feel bored by using the same usual gadgets again and again. After reading this post you are going to buy something like “never heard before cool electronic gadgets”. That’s indeed a cool thing right?

Touch-free Candy Dispenser

This snackman candy dispenser works through  motion detectors.  You can fill a candy in the dispenser jar. Just wave your hands under the sensor. Snackman candy dispenser will pop out the candies for you. So just wave your hands like a witch and get what you want. Since you don’t need to touch the candy dispenser with your hands you don’t need to worry about the spread of gems everywhere in your home or workplace.  This dispenser is available at 3 different serving sizes.  Bowlful, Large handful and small handful . Bowlful can load the stuff up to 6 cup of capacity. You can place this in front of your kitchen counter or at your desktop.

Massaging bed rest

cool electronic gadgets

Now you can get a cool massage at anytime you want that too in your bed. This cool tech gadget have a built in massager which provides the targeted muscle relaxation.  In order to get a relief from sore or tiredness just choose a stimulating vibration massage mode. You can keep it in a low speed or high speed.  Super bright LED light provided with this gadget can bend into any position.  It have very large side pockets to hold your books, reading glass or magazine. You can fold this bed flat and can keep it under your bed or you can keep it in a closet. Easy to carry. So carry this massager wherever you go and get a spa like massage.

Mini USB Camera

It is one of the easiest and amazing camera ever you heard of. With this cool electronic gadget taking the photo became very simple. Just press the shutter. Now you can go away and take part in the picture. You can go on and take pictures up to you finish the storage of 16 GB. You can plug this mini USB camera directly into your system.

Product Features

  • Movie & Photo feature
  • 2 MP camera
  • Support for 16 GB Micro SD card
  • No driver installation required
  • Fine Glass Lens.
  • Will work on both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • ·         Fine Glass Lens

Hilarious Bath Plug

It is one of the really cool electronic gadgets you can use as your hilarious bathroom accessory. Having this in your bathroom will give a feel like seeing a miniature scene from the world famous Titanic Movie.  Buy this Hilarious Bath Plug and make your bath so dramatic.

USB Battleship HUB

As being in the electronic age, We have too many devices around our room. You don’t need to run anywhere to use all these in USB ports. Cool USB battleship comes with the 5 2.0.5 USB ports. It is compatible with both Mac and windows.

Unique Gaming Keyboard

This uniquely constructed keyboard is especially designed to make your gaming more interesting. With perfectly designed keys when playing the games using this keyboard you will experience a continual high quality.

Apart from the cool gadgets listed above you find numerous really cool electronic gadgets to buy now from


Best Android SmartPhones To Consider Right Now

If you want to find out some of the best android smartphones, first you need to consider your requirement towards the smart phones.Which can serve best to you is totally depend on your personal needs. If we consider the recent releases so far, one may think that Galaxy S4 & HTC one are the best unbeatable phones in 2013. But just because of the fact both of these phones have taken the headlines it doesn’t necessarily mean that these phones can serve you the best. At the same time we can’t refuse both of these flagship models too.

Take a look at the most popular android phones of 2013 and decide which one can serve best for you.

Nexus 4 – Great For Budget Conscious

most popular android phones

If you expect some unique or interesting design from nexus then it might give a bit dissatisfaction to you. It is one of the newest android phones in the market. But apart from look and design its more adequate model delivering the high specs for a reasonable prices. It comes with the 4.7 inch display, quad core processor and 2GB RAM. You can take crystal clear pictures with Nexus’s 8 MP camera. It comes with the Android 4.22. Apart from all these Google’s life time support is provided with the Nexus 4.

Galaxy Note 2 – Great For Multi Taskers

Galaxy note is one of the most popular android smart phones ever in the market. When it comes to muti tasking no other phone in the market can beat Galaxy Note 2. Productivity given by this Samsung phone is just unbeatable for example you can draw sketches on a random image or you can even send your own hand written letters to your friends. Its multi window feature lets you browse the internet while checking the picture gallery, or checking the calendar. Its other notable features includes ARM cortex processor, 8 mega pixel camera and 2 GB ram.

Galaxy S4 – Feature Rich Smartphone

Since Galaxy S4 peaked the sales and popularity, there is no need to go on detail with this flagship phone. It has almost snagged the title ” best overall” from the HTC. This flagship model is best suited for almost every one. It comes with the long list of features. Some un comparable features includes 13 MP camera, air view , air touch, smart scroll, 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, s-voice drive, expandable memory and many more.  Even though at a first glance Samsung Galaxy S4 looks like S3, it’s a whole new flagship model from Samsung.

HTC One – Best Overall

Although you have heard lot about HTC one, we need to mention here again because this list will remain incomplete without including this best overall one. HTC one provides an amazing fast process, great sound effects through front-facing speakers, gorgeous display. Besides to the software features it also comes with the  significant hardware features such as 4.8 inch wide display with 1024 * 491 pixels / inch, NFC, 1.7 GHZ processor, 2 GB RAM and IR blaster which help you control your TV. You can get this HTC one as Nexus edition for $599 from 26th June 2013 onwards. You can purchase this through Google Play store. Get ready to grasp many more newest android phones in from the android market.

Other worth noting most popular android phones include

Xperia Z – It is a very good water proof smart phone. Thus best suit to all nagged individuals.

HTC Droid DNA – Comes with the hand full of features at an affordable price

Galaxy S3 – Got more cheaper than before

LG Optimus G Pro – Comes with the smart battery, gorgeous display and super fast processor.

Top 7 Best Budget Rate Android Phones To Buy In 2013

If you want to buy android mobile phones, you have wide options in the marketplace.  From the branded phones to Chinese supplies you have varieties to choose from. Technology is continue to get evolved on every single day.  So expecting an innovative features in our mobile phones is a normal one. But when it comes to buy android mobile phones, most people are getting confused with several alternatives they have on the various mobile phone brands and models. If you want to have an efficient, perfectly designed smart phones at your budget rate I recommend you to pick your choice from the below list.

As the world has moved on to the era of touch screen, smart phones have became an inevitable thing in our life. Companies are releasing  the smart phones with several different features and several different models. New trend have been emerged in the world of mobile phone operating systems with the android. It is like if you don’t have an android phone in hand then it is like you are standing behind the trend. Why should you lagging? Throw out your old mobile phones and switch on to the touch screen mobiles. Apart from giving the comfort in operating the mobile, millions of android applications available on the app store that can make your life even better. If you think by having these many features, these smart phones must cost more, you are wrong. You can actually find a smart phone to buy at some best possible prices.

Given below is a list of top 7 best budget android phones you can buy in 2013

1. Intex Aqua 5.0

This best budget android phone comes with 1.0 GHZ single core processor and 512 MB RAM. It comes with the 2 GB of internal RAM and you can expand the storage up to 32 GB via micro SD slot.

2. Swipe MTV Volt

Swipe MTV Volt

This best cheap android phone has been built with the Dual core 1.0 GHZ processor, 4 GB internal storage, 6 inch wide display and expandable 32 GB micro SD slot. Its 512 Mb of RAM adds some more value to this hand set.

3. Byond Phablet PII

It comes with the 5.7 inch wide display with 1.0GHz Dual core processor. It has 4 GB internal storage and it is expandable up to 32 GB through micro SD card. You can use your normal sim card without causing any damage to it. It is built with the decent battery life.

4. UMI X2

This phone is from UMI.It has a larger 5.9 inch touch screen with 1.0GHZ dual core  processor & 4 GB of internal storage. You can expand the storage to 32 GB through micro SD card. It is one of the fast moving best budget android phone you should have in this 2013.

5. Wammy Titan II

This best budget rate android hand set comes with an android version of Jelly bean. Just as all other listed phones it has a wide display of 5.5 inch screen. This phone is built with 1.2 GHz MTK Processor and 4GB of  internal storage. 1 GB RAM is a feature that adds value to this amazing gadget.

6. Lava XOLO A1000

It comes with the android version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).  As with all others it also comes with 1.0 GHZ dual core processor, 4 GB of internal storage, 32 GB expandable Micro SD slot and 1 GB of RAM.

7. Intex Aqua Style

You can consider this best smartphone to buy in 2013 for several reasons. It has a really huge display of 5.9 inch. Its other features includes android 4.0 , 1 GB internal storage, 1.0 GHZ Dual core processor and 512 MB RAM.

Top 10 Most Useful Android Apps

Google play store is pooled with over 7000000 android apps as of today. So finding the most useful android apps out of all these became pretty hard. Some apps are made available free, for some you need to pay little out of your pocket.

Many times you will find an app and download it for its flashy feature. As the time goes on, this apps will get replaced by some other. You won’t even remember the name of the app you have downloaded.  Here I am going to explore you the list of Most Useful Android Apps. Although these are not new, these apps have proven to be useful over the years. Have a look at the list and recommend us if you feel any that is worth to get added in this list.

Skype for android

most useful android apps

When it comes to Video calling first thing that flashes in everyone’s mind will be skype. Yes, you can install skype in your android phone and can stay connected with your friends and family all round the clock. All you require is just an android phone. You can dowload skype at free of cost from the Google play store. To get better access you should oprate this application from 3G connection or Wi-Fi. Main features of skype includes it high quality uninterupted audio and video.


If you haven’t heard of Foursquare, you might have wasted most of your time in check-in and local searching task. This app is great for local searching. It promotes more check-ins. By using this  app, you can get an easy one click check-in results.  It have made a remarkable change in check-in and local searches.

Google Maps Navigation

To use this app your phone should be connected with the Internet. It provides a GPS navigation system. In Google maps yiou can find Voice navigation too. So it will be very useful when you are in drive. It is one of the most useful android apps for all the devices that is running on Android platform. Make a plan to go anywhere but make sure you have Google Maps on your to guide you on the go.

Winamp Android Application

Winamp is one of the most popular media player used in PCs. Now you can use this media player in your android phone too. Managing and synching the playlists and songs with any android platform can be done with just few clicks. It includes wireless syncing, shoutcast, iTunes library import and many more. Download this good android apps at free of cost.

Cam Scanner

To sacn anything you don’t need to run into scanner anymorre. Download and install this app in your android mobile. It will turn your camera into a scanner. You can scan the document from any of the angle you want.Scan, resize and save it as a pdf file. You can also send this file to your email through SMS. One other most important thing about CamScanner is you can even upload the saved pdf into a cloud space.


If you are in a business you must have used DropBox for file sharing. When it comes to file sharing, next to this drop box, you can use Evernote for your business usages. No matter whether it is a big thing or small thing, remember everything in your everyday life with the help of Evernote. You can use this app on your phone, tablet, computer or any device. Only thing is it should run on android platform.


It is one of the good android apps that can be used for the entertainment purposes. This apps helps you enjoy many exclusive features of music.

How To Develop An Android App Through Easy steps

If you are very interested in learning the programming languages, android app development is not a big deal for you. In this post I am just going to give you an introduction on how to write android apps.  We are not going to discuss in more technical anyway.

As we all know Smartphones have reached almost all people today. Recent surveys taken in Europe on the smart phones have revealed that nearly 70% of the phones sold in the market were smart phones. This rate is increasing though. When we consider the sales figure android phones have exceeded the sales of iPhones worldwide.

With the ever increasing trend of android phones, total number of newest android apps that are releasing everyday also have increased dramatically. Apart from mobile phones this android operating system is being used in the tablet computers. so the demand for android apps developers have also increased.

how to create android apps

In Google play store currently there are over 500,000 android apps are available to download now. Some apps are free, To download some you need to spend few bucks. Applications ranges from utility apps to  host of games. You can find apps for every task you can imagine.

There are apps that can help you promoting your business development. Some apps let the customers to pick a right product available in the market. It covers wide range of products from mobile phones to mortgages.

So this increasing popularity of android operating system have opened many new business opportunities. But this trend may get wiped off completely with the rise of some other operating systems. For example Microsoft have released its windows 8 operating system such that it provides “mobile kind of look and feel”. Software programs you are going to install in that OS will be called as apps instead of programs.

Where should you start if you want to learn android apps development? 

If you are Geek in programming languages like Java you can get started right now.  Get an Android app development kit. You can learn online on how to write android apps. There are so many free resources available online.

If you don’t have sufficient experience in programming then you need to learn a lot. You need to learn everything from OOPS concepts to Java and other developer tools. Since you are a newbie you will find it harder to become an android app developer. But never give up! Foresee the demand that have been created for android apps developers right now and go ahead.

There are some online android app development tools are available online. Just try it yourself. Once you get succeeded in creating few android apps in the beginning, you will start to feel more satisfying. You will get more knowledge too.

If you want to know how to develop an android app out of your interest, rather than developing the android apps through code as I mentioned before, you can either get started with the online android app applications or readymade android app development software programs. Some software programs are available at free of cost. Some require you make an onetime payment.  In both the cases, you can develop the android apps in just few steps through templates and wizards.  As a flip site you can’t get an outcome as you suppose to get by doing the code part by yourself. You will not have such control over the apps you are creating.

So if you are serious about how to write android apps join in the android application developer forums and learn by yourself.

Get Ready To Try Out The Newest Android Apps

There is a big boom in the android market. So many new apps for android are getting released on every single day. Here is list of newest android apps which comprises of everything from games to social aps. Although you can’t download all these at free of cost, you can find certain totally free android apps.

No 1. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

You have your very important office or personal file in your computer and forgot to take a copy with you. On the go you are remembering you need that file right away.What will you do? Splashtop Remote Desktop HD can resolve this issue for you. It brings your home computer to your android mobile device. You can get any file from outlook to Word through this app. This app also facilitate you to play the games like Cafe World, CityVille, Mafia Wars and Pet Society.  To enable this app on your android mobile you need to install SplashTop Streamer on your home computer.

2. Snapchat

This apps is being better alternative for the silicon valley. It lets the users share pictures, messages and videos with their friends. One of the cool thing about snapchat is ” whatever you send will appear only for few determined seconds “. After that it will get disappear. It is an ideal way to share any moment with your friends and family.

3. Photoshop Touch for Phone

It is one of the newest android apps that helps you transform your pictures into full featured Photoshop packed  application. With the help of this app you can easily combine layers, add effects & share it on your friends on facebook or twitter. If you want to have some fun with photos, you should never miss this app.

list of android apps

4. Dubbler

Your must have list of android apps should include Dubbler from now on. Through this app you can share your personality with any social network. It comes with the images and filters. You can add these to your recordings.

5. MessageMe

It is yet another texting app. Apart from text sharing you can share images, audio ,video ,video recordings and the more. This app have a very cool “Doodles feature” which allows you share sketches with your friends. Just take a random photo, draw something funny on them. Have fun!

6. Flow Free

New apps for android includes most addictive Flow Free puzzle game. This addictive game have the ability to distract you for several hours. You will not stop playing until your little brain feels like exploding. This game have 100’s of levels.  In this game in order keep the flow, the player should join the matching colors with the pipe. When you connect the pipe such that it overlaps with each other your game ends.

7. Cut the Rope

It is one of the newest android apps in the market now.  In this game the player should feed candies to a monster named “On Nom”. It is cute green monster who collect stars. You can see the candy hung on the wall. What you should do is ” just cut the rope correctly so that it can go straight into Nom’s mouth”.  You can cut the rope by swiping with your finger. Cut the rope is indeed addictive and fun.

8. Bad Piggies

If you want to kill your time, give a try to Bad Piggies. It’s a green pig which builds different kinds of vehicles and using which it steals the birds eggs.

List of android apps described in the post can be downloaded from the Google play store.