Best Android SmartPhones To Consider Right Now

If you want to find out some of the best android smartphones, first you need to consider your requirement towards the smart phones.Which can serve best to you is totally depend on your personal needs. If we consider the recent releases so far, one may think that Galaxy S4 & HTC one are the best unbeatable phones in 2013. But just because of the fact both of these phones have taken the headlines it doesn’t necessarily mean that these phones can serve you the best. At the same time we can’t refuse both of these flagship models too.

Take a look at the most popular android phones of 2013 and decide which one can serve best for you.

Nexus 4 – Great For Budget Conscious

most popular android phones

If you expect some unique or interesting design from nexus then it might give a bit dissatisfaction to you. It is one of the newest android phones in the market. But apart from look and design its more adequate model delivering the high specs for a reasonable prices. It comes with the 4.7 inch display, quad core processor and 2GB RAM. You can take crystal clear pictures with Nexus’s 8 MP camera. It comes with the Android 4.22. Apart from all these Google’s life time support is provided with the Nexus 4.

Galaxy Note 2 – Great For Multi Taskers

Galaxy note is one of the most popular android smart phones ever in the market. When it comes to muti tasking no other phone in the market can beat Galaxy Note 2. Productivity given by this Samsung phone is just unbeatable for example you can draw sketches on a random image or you can even send your own hand written letters to your friends. Its multi window feature lets you browse the internet while checking the picture gallery, or checking the calendar. Its other notable features includes ARM cortex processor, 8 mega pixel camera and 2 GB ram.

Galaxy S4 – Feature Rich Smartphone

Since Galaxy S4 peaked the sales and popularity, there is no need to go on detail with this flagship phone. It has almost snagged the title ” best overall” from the HTC. This flagship model is best suited for almost every one. It comes with the long list of features. Some un comparable features includes 13 MP camera, air view , air touch, smart scroll, 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, s-voice drive, expandable memory and many more.  Even though at a first glance Samsung Galaxy S4 looks like S3, it’s a whole new flagship model from Samsung.

HTC One – Best Overall

Although you have heard lot about HTC one, we need to mention here again because this list will remain incomplete without including this best overall one. HTC one provides an amazing fast process, great sound effects through front-facing speakers, gorgeous display. Besides to the software features it also comes with the  significant hardware features such as 4.8 inch wide display with 1024 * 491 pixels / inch, NFC, 1.7 GHZ processor, 2 GB RAM and IR blaster which help you control your TV. You can get this HTC one as Nexus edition for $599 from 26th June 2013 onwards. You can purchase this through Google Play store. Get ready to grasp many more newest android phones in from the android market.

Other worth noting most popular android phones include

Xperia Z – It is a very good water proof smart phone. Thus best suit to all nagged individuals.

HTC Droid DNA – Comes with the hand full of features at an affordable price

Galaxy S3 – Got more cheaper than before

LG Optimus G Pro – Comes with the smart battery, gorgeous display and super fast processor.

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