6 Cool Electronic Gadgets To Buy Now

If you are looking for cool gadgets to buy but don’t have an idea on what to buy, you have arrived at a right post now. You are not going to feel bored by using the same usual gadgets again and again. After reading this post you are going to buy something like “never heard before cool electronic gadgets”. That’s indeed a cool thing right?

Touch-free Candy Dispenser

This snackman candy dispenser works through  motion detectors.  You can fill a candy in the dispenser jar. Just wave your hands under the sensor. Snackman candy dispenser will pop out the candies for you. So just wave your hands like a witch and get what you want. Since you don’t need to touch the candy dispenser with your hands you don’t need to worry about the spread of gems everywhere in your home or workplace.  This dispenser is available at 3 different serving sizes.  Bowlful, Large handful and small handful . Bowlful can load the stuff up to 6 cup of capacity. You can place this in front of your kitchen counter or at your desktop.

Massaging bed rest

cool electronic gadgets

Now you can get a cool massage at anytime you want that too in your bed. This cool tech gadget have a built in massager which provides the targeted muscle relaxation.  In order to get a relief from sore or tiredness just choose a stimulating vibration massage mode. You can keep it in a low speed or high speed.  Super bright LED light provided with this gadget can bend into any position.  It have very large side pockets to hold your books, reading glass or magazine. You can fold this bed flat and can keep it under your bed or you can keep it in a closet. Easy to carry. So carry this massager wherever you go and get a spa like massage.

Mini USB Camera

It is one of the easiest and amazing camera ever you heard of. With this cool electronic gadget taking the photo became very simple. Just press the shutter. Now you can go away and take part in the picture. You can go on and take pictures up to you finish the storage of 16 GB. You can plug this mini USB camera directly into your system.

Product Features

  • Movie & Photo feature
  • 2 MP camera
  • Support for 16 GB Micro SD card
  • No driver installation required
  • Fine Glass Lens.
  • Will work on both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • ·         Fine Glass Lens

Hilarious Bath Plug

It is one of the really cool electronic gadgets you can use as your hilarious bathroom accessory. Having this in your bathroom will give a feel like seeing a miniature scene from the world famous Titanic Movie.  Buy this Hilarious Bath Plug and make your bath so dramatic.

USB Battleship HUB

As being in the electronic age, We have too many devices around our room. You don’t need to run anywhere to use all these in USB ports. Cool USB battleship comes with the 5 2.0.5 USB ports. It is compatible with both Mac and windows.

Unique Gaming Keyboard

This uniquely constructed keyboard is especially designed to make your gaming more interesting. With perfectly designed keys when playing the games using this keyboard you will experience a continual high quality.

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