5 Ultimate Tips On How To Increase Your Memory

Compared to earlier men, people of today face many problems with their memory. Memory is something that makes you wonder when you forget something. Growth level of this specific issue has increased dramatically in the recent years. You might have seen people hunting with phrases on search engines like how to increase your memory or how to improve your memory. There are times when they get disappointed as they do not get appropriate solution for what they are searching for. If you are someone who is sailing on the same boat, then this article is right for you.

How to increase memory or how to improve your memory?

Before starting with the tips, regarding how to increase your memory, you need to know that calm and a peaceful sleep literally helps you to increase your memory effectively. Therefore, you must know the answer behind this question: how to fall sleep faster. Even though there is plethora of techniques to increase your memory power, this article tells about those five ultimate strategies, which can help you largely.

how to increase your memory

Associating with pictures: When you are reading some study material and you wish you could remember all those facts inside in a jiff, it is better you start making up a nice story that associates with the content. You need to picture it and learn those facts in a humorous way. For instance, if you need to remember few computer components, then picture every component with the help of a funny picture. You can have the motherboard associate with your mom’s face. That is an easy way to remember. Using this strategy, you will be able to picture everything in your brain. During a test, even if you are asked to list out all the components of a computer, then you will be able to list it out easily with the help of images you have literally pictured.

  1. Remembering Faces: When you are trying to remember an individual’s face or name, you need to pay attention to features such as hair, mouth, nose, face shape and eyes. Finally imagine by placing their names on foreheads. More you carry out doing this; you will have better photographic memory.
  2. Photograph Games: One of the best exercises for remembering pictures are by playing games so that you can train up brain smoothly. Take few pictures from a nice magazine and keep looking at it. Now jot down things you can notice. As you play this particular game, maybe for some weeks, then your memory power tremendously increases in no time.
  3. Practice a photographic memory: Yet another ideal game that you can play at any point of time for improving your memory is to observe your room or desk, for 5 seconds.  Now you need to shut your eyes for a while and try picturing what you have observed.
  4. Concentration: If you truly want to perk up with the photographic memory, you will have to keep practicing the way you concentrate and focus. Let us say that you are trying to practice some of the above-mentioned exercises and games but if you do not do it with complete focus as well as concentration, there is literally no use in practicing it repeatedly. Every time you perform them without focusing, you will be unsuccessful in improving your memory.

Thus above are the things or tips, which will help you in improving your memory better. Regular practice will definitely have fruitful outcomes. Hope reading this piece of information has been beneficial to you.

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