5 Best Tourist Attractions In Spain

One of the ideal places that you can take a trip in this globe for a beautiful vacation can be none other than Spain. Many people are not aware of various tourist attractions in Spain. Among all the places in this world, Spain is that second most place, which people from all around the world visit. In truth, tourism industry out here employs approximately 10% workforce. This is the major income for the local source. It is a perfect place for honeymooners as well. This article tells you about some of the tourist attractions in Spain which you must always never miss to see if you happen to take a trip. If you are one among them who is looking forward to pure Latin Romance, valor and beauty, then nothing can be a better place to visit other than Spain. You must see this perfect spot. Following are the best places in Spain.

  • Golden Art Triangle in Madrid
  • Alcazar at Seville
  • Barri Gotic at Barcelona
  • Paella at Valencia
  • Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao

tourist attractions in spain

  • The Golden Art Triangle involves three things: El Prado, La Reina Sofia and de El Museo. This spot holds the most momentous art, which is even mentioned in history of humankind. You can even enjoy the huge sights of this place and the sounds that are being here is so close with fine art as well as ancient styles.
  • Nightlife for most of the tourist begins at Barcelona since it is completely energetic. Music played out here will just surprise you. You will also see beautiful volcanoes as well as beaches located in Astorga. The museum called Chiliad Leku is that wonderful as well as ultimate site that holds some fascinating living sculptures.
  • Barri Gothic will make you have an amazing experience. It will make you just amazed with its astonishing gothic building and the way it is styled. The haunting castles are something, which you must never miss to watch. Being over here will make you wonder about some of the architects who built this ultimate architecture. Barcelona’s architecture has always been a big influence for many artists as well as architects.
  • Picasso Museum is something again which you should never miss to see. It includes massive works of those great painters who are remembered consistently. Remember, you must always reach this place as early as possible in the mornings since many tourists just gather. When it is crowded, you will not be able to see the things properly so it is highly advised that you reach early to see everything in peace.
  • Yet another place, which can astound you, can be none other than the Moorish Palace. You can even see few amazing examples of Seville remains. Most of the tourists will spend the time in roaming around these places as it has an astonishing beauty, which one must literally see.

Apart from the above five places, you can even check out some other tourist attractions in Spain which are listed below.

  • Donana Park: This is just a wetland, which happens to be the most famous spots in entire Europe. It is located at Andalusia. If you are someone who holds a big passion of avifauna, then these birds will literally attract you. You can even have fun with boat rides. It has some amazing surroundings as well.
  • Prado Museum: This museum holds wide range of paintings as well as sculptures. It is one of the world’s biggest art galleries that holds royal collections. It also has some of the collections from Trinidad Museum as well.

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